About Us1


You have a set of skills, expertise and knowledge as unique as your fingerprints, and someone at Experience Exchange needs you.

How does being an inspirational role model to a young person in education sound? Imagine inspiring a young person to aim for their star. Your experiences have the power to help others make smarter choices and aim higher.

Maybe you're looking to share your experience and expertise with business peers and start ups? Sharing your story of business success could influence the future of like minded entrepreneurs.

Does your heart lie in the community? Volunteer your skills and practical abilities to the charity or voluntary activity of your choice through our self-service time bank.   


And it works in reverse too. 


Are you:

  • Starting your career.

  • Developing your personal or professional profile.

  • Looking to refresh your skills after a work break.

  • Retired and looking to stay connected.  

Experience Exchange's bank of experts can help you along your way no matter where you are in your career or business development.




When was the last time you had a conversation that could shape someone's future - or even your own?


From an hour a year to a day a month, you can bank time, share and collaborate and in turn benefit from the experience of others, because every hour you donate, you get back in kind.

All for free.