About Us1



At Experience Exchange, we aim to equip every young person leaving education with the skills needed to reach their full potential.



Our action plans, workshops and business mentors will guide you through the career choices that present the most appropriate route to a successful and fulfilling working life. Whether that be taking a degree or other HE/FE course, through an apprenticeship, finding a job you love or even entrepreneurship.





Your Experience Exchange personal profile showcases your talents and verifies your voluntary work experience and work placements to every other member, potentially even your first boss. By engaging with VCSE (Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise) organisations, you will also gain valuable work experience and maximise your employability by preparing for work whilst still in education.

Your profile is your opportunity to promote your individuality and stand out from everyone else, so make the most of every activity you undertake. You may also be able to present your verified activity record, feedback and endorsements in section 6.1 of your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).



Not planning on walking the higher or further education route? Present the results to your prosective employers in your CV instead.

This experience counts, so make the most of it. You've earned it.