About Us1

Experience Exchange provides a digital workforce community, where members can

  • exchange business advice and ideas
  • find both formal and ad-hoc mentoring & coaching
  • access upskilling resources.


Your Experience Exchange profile provides a shop front for your services, enables you to post and search for collaborative business opportunities, and to offer work, volunteering & training placements and apprenticeships. By mentoring a student, young person or someone not currently in employment, you will be investing in potential future employees as well as your existing ones, ensuring that they are fully prepared and business ready when they join or return to the workplace.



With business membership from as little as £10 per month, all of your employees get automatic membership too - should they choose to activate it of course. Experience Exchange’s self-service timebank makes it both easy and rewarding for your employees to volunteer, so while they contribute to the organisation’s CSR goals, they also earn equivalent hours which can be spent on upskilling and personal development.



Experience Exchange’s Volunteering Tracker is an innovative analysis tool to capture, measure and analyse your business’s CSR community investment activities in support of ISO 26000, s6.8, and more importantly to quantify the social and business value you generate. As well as analysing your own community engagement, you can also benchmark your social impact against other similar organisations across industries.